A good IT security demands that it is constantly evolving. That means IT training must also evolve. It’s not enough just to put out that passwords have to be changed. It is essential that employees are made conscious on a regular basis of malware floating around, and how to avoid clicking on “bait” that may expose their access points to hackers. Once you’re aware of threats that are new, make sure you keep your employees updated.
4. Make sure you have physical Security

The highest quality IT security is just as effective as the facility’s physical security. We do not think about IT security as we think of locksmiths in the community to substitute the physical entrance points. However, you must. Physical security is a must to ensure the security of your data.

If you are a commercial proprietor of a construction company it is possible to consider taking things higher by setting up electronically controlled access points. The access control portals that are electronic ensure that you know who is coming into and departs from the building. The CAC cards are issued for those that are required to be in the building. It keeps track of who comes and goes and when they go out. This could prove an essential tool to keep away unauthorized people in today’s digitally-driven environment.

In server rooms, CAC card are used to restrict access to equipment for IT. This adds another layer of security , and it is also the most effective IT security measures.

5. Be Watchful for Eyes

We briefly touched on this concept in tip number three. Hackers can be very clever. They don’t need to be able to access your technology or create a backdoor that allows access. They can see into the workplace and witness employees entering passwords in the system.

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