Shakes can be replaced if damaged or shingles. The new wood will probably differ than the wood that was originally installed as the wood will discolor with time. Wood is a natural insulator and can help keep the residence cooler during the winter and warmer in the winter. Additionally, it helps reduce the cost of your energy bills. This is a viable option because the majority of manufacturers install trees to replace trees they cut down for their roofing material.
4. Ceramic tile

The tile roof is considered to be one of the most attractive roof types you can pick for your home. They are also robust and expensive. It’s not advised for the majority of houses because tiles can be very weighty. It is possible for this type of roof to be used for as long as 100 years. They were constructed from slate, clay and terracotta back in the days. The modern day tile roofs are constructed of concrete, which has been dyed and moulded. The tile roofing material is available in a variety of shapes including the interlocking type, which can be curved or flat. Contractors for roofing in residential areas are excellent in areas with temperatures that are hot and exposed to the salty air.

Tile roofs are ideal in areas where there is not enough rain over a long period. Repairing leaks on the tile roof isn’t straightforward. Tile roofs are ideal for draining massive amounts of water fast off the roof. Tile roofs are ideal if your house is able to support the weight. The installation of a tile roof is a professional because they need to be measured precisely and placed in a particular type of pattern. It is imperative to ensure that the roof of a tile does keep out moisture.

5. Clay

Clay roofing is among the top roofing materials that you could select for your home. Clay roofing can stand up to extreme elements and are very sturdy. This roof can withstand insects, fire and rot. They are constructed of more natural material and maintain their structural integrity no matter what weather extremes it faces. They are constructed from higher quality natural materials.


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