What is the process behind all this data processing function? YouTube channel Google Cloud Tech offers a short and informative video explaining how these services work.

If you conduct a Google Search, send an email, send Google Home questions, or submit a request for details your data will be transmitted to “packets” that are then distributed across the world fiber network. A lot of these packets wind in data centers to be processed for further processing.

The data center consists of computers that are powerful, also known as “server racks” that are used to store, manage, and break down important data. Smaller businesses that just started out will need to cover the expenses of cooling, keeping, and managing the server racks. In order to save money, businesses can source their data centers to cloud service providers such as Google Cloud. Google Cloud being an example. These cloud service providers can comprise of thousand servers, that offer services to billions of users every day. These companies are also experts in “multi-tenancy,” or the capacity to share information among more than the few. Google’s “cloud zones” could replace in the event of failure, have several options. 728y2oci55.

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