Oe Everest offers some suggestions for building a fence that is custom-designed for unlevel ground.

There are two choices for straight-line installations of the fence at its top or building the fence based on the conditions. Most commonly, it’s building the fence such that it’s completely straight at the top line, as the majority of people like straight edges.

However, it could also leave large gaps beneath the surface, which will have to be filled with gravel or soil , to keep the two sides. It is possible that the terrain is not even enough to fill some areas. The best option is to make the fence using sections that are stepped and adhere to the terrain.

While stepped sections are able to adhere to uneven ground more effectively than a straight edge however, they can leave large gaps in the corners below. These gaps must be filled in just like the straight edge fencing. The best option is to build a custom fencing that follows the ground for a landscape with hardly any flat surfaces whatsoever. 5du88nc328.

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