A major cause of problems with the foundation in your home is the expansion of the soil. Expansion of clay or loan soil is often a reason for foundation issues. This is explained in this JES Foundation Repair video “How to recognize foundation issues JES Foundation Repair Explains”. Foundations may sink when there’s too much soil. A few common indicators that show that the home you live in has a foundation are:

As you begin to realize that there are cracks in your drywall, it is an indication that you may have foundation issues within your home. Although you may make DIY foundation repairs, cracks on the walls will continue to occur.

Leaning Cabinets

A further indication that your foundation may be at risk is when your kitchen cabinets begin pulling away from your walls or ceiling.

Sloped Floors

Sloped floors in your home can be another indicator the foundation of your house is weak. They can lead to accidents, particularly in elderly persons.

Identifying signs of foundational problems in your home is essential since it allows you determine when you should make an appointment for repair service.


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