To protect these parts from corrosion especially heat sink fins made of copper, should be done as they are in use. Manufacturing facilities must apply electroplating to the copper surfaces in order to shield these surfaces. This tour through the factory video demonstrates the process of electroplating with conductive metal racks. It’s also known for rack plating. Though this method is costlier than barrel plating, it comes with numerous advantages including increased control over each part’s surface. Some of the items coated in this video are VGA cover for slots, PCIe expansion slots covers, and motherboard tray. These parts can be found in a variety of computer cases. They have to all resist moisture and corrosion. These pieces are placed on the conductive racks and then electroplate the metal. They then submerge the racks in a cleaning solution. After the parts have been cleaned, they are electroplated with a thin coating of nickel and zinc. This zinc-nickel plating deposit will keep the part clean over the life of their components. 44wlnogs5c.

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