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Throughout history, gold has touched people’s lives, even as far back as 4000 B.C. In fact, the oldest gold objects are from 4000 B.C., and people still hunt for gold in the hills to this day. California has a rich history of gold, especially during the mid 1800’s. By the time 1848 rolled around, only 10 percent of the gold was mined and a major gold rush launched during this year in Sutter’s Mill, California. The gold rush in California was the biggest gold rush of all time. Today, you can find information about a Houston Jewelry store that carries all kinds of gold jewelry.

For example, you can find Jewelers in Houston that sell gold bangle bracelets and gold cross pendants. The only hurdle you need to overcome is finding a reputable Houston jewelry store because there are some small jewelry stores in houston tx that practice shady transactions. The good news is you can find out a Houston Jewelry store’s history by reading reviews from other customers. Gold is not the only type of rare earth mineral sold by Houston jewelry stores. In fact, you can find diamond earrings Houston TX as well. Gold remains the most popular rare earth mineral among all cultures, even the Aztec culture.

The Aztec name for gold is “teocuitlatl,” meaning the excrement of the gods. In addition to the Aztecs interest in gold, people in Australia also mine gold as well. During 1869, the largest gold nugget ever found weighed in at 172 pounds. Good luck finding a gold nugget that weighs even close to 172 pounds in a Houston jewelry store. You can still find gold nuggets for sale at some jewelry stores if you do not want to spend time digging for gold in the hills. You might also be interested in attending some jewelry events that take place in Houston as well.
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