What you need to know about starting an enterprise of your own. This Youtube video is packed with all the info you require and some useful tips to help get started on the right foot. Find out more!

First, you must decide what type of service you want to provide and the type of client you’d like to work with. So, for instance, are working for homeowners or do you want to focus on commercial painting? The way you decide to perform will dictate the kind of services you’ll provide. Additionally, you’ll know the kind of equipment you’ll need and the amount of staff will be required for assistance.

If you’re employed by homeowners, you’ll be doing painting jobs for maintenance and repairs to their houses. If you’re considering servicing businesses, you might want to broaden your scope of work by using certain materials such as epoxy coatings as well as striping the parking area. One benefit of determining your intended audience is the ability to market to them specifically.

For more information about becoming an artist or starting your own business, you can view the remainder of the video.


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