Much like other marketing elements, SEO requires benchmarking in order to measure its level of effectiveness. New metrics to track progress and new ways to compare how your business measures up to others in your industry.

The importance of being able to benchmark your own web properties against competitors in your industry can provide a great advantage when developing online strategies and SEO initiatives. The search engines and organic search present a whole new list of items to measure against.

Seo benchmarking is measured by measuring all aspects of an SEO strategy, ranging from keyword placement to traffic and conversions, the ability to compare and measure data against your competition with regards to online efforts is something new to many traditional marketers. If you are un sure how you can accurately track this type of information, you have two options.

If you are familiar with SEO and are running your own SEO strategies, you can use a website grader. Website graders essentially use a tool called a “spider” which “Crawls” your site for pre determined criteria. Website graders are found online, and many of them can be accessed for free depending on the level of website benchmarks you are looking to report on. Back link tracking is also an essential part of seo benchmarking, which can also be done with a website grader.

If you are a company that has little to no experience in SEO, you may want to considering a third party SEO reseller to help you with your seo benchmarking process.They will also likely use a webgrader , but they will help you to make more sense of things and make sure that the process is done right.

SEO benchmarking is an important process in order to help your business measure what it is doing right, and what it needs to improve on, making it a process you should not overlook.

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