If you’re looking to change the method you use to study bible verses, try making a worksheet that you can use for your verse by verse bible studying lessons.

The host illustrates her unique method of reading specific Bible verses in the video which is available here. The worksheet is pre-printed that she keeps copies of in an organizer. The worksheet includes an illustrative chart of colors, and she uses various colors of pens to draw scriptures. The worksheet has space for adding definitions and cross-references to relevant bible verses.

If you use a worksheet during your normal verse by verse bible study lessons You can establish a continuity in your learning over time. As you read the Bible, you can discover deeper meanings, and apply the lessons you learn to improve your personal life. If the study of scripture has slowed down in the past, then this new sheet of work could be a good way to lift yourself back in the past passion of Bible study.

It is also possible to find online guided verse-by verse Bible study courses if you require additional support.

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