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The International Data Corporation estimates that 95 percent of business information today is on paper, and the average business worker prints out 45 pages every day. Through the use of portable scanners companies will be able to make sure that they can turn their hard files into digital copies that are easier to access. According to the Wall Street Journal, American business workers on average lose 1.5 hours every day, or 40 hours a year spent looking for misplaced items in disorganized desks and files. With laptop scanners or a digital filing system any business will be able to ensure that their files are kept digitally, making them more easily accessible and more organized.

In addition to portable scanners for documents you can also find a business card reader to help you index contact information. A business card scanner is a great way for organizations to sort the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of people that they do business with. To select the right type of portable scanners you have to ensure that you look for a company that can provide you with scanners that can be used the way your business needs them to be.

Many portable scanners are being used in conjunction with cloud technology. In a poll of 500 IT professionals conducted by SandHill, 50 percent of participants cited agility of business as a primary purpose for utilizing cloud based programs. Electronic files that are stored on the cloud are much safer than physical files since they cannot be stolen or damaged as a result of an environmental issue like a flood or fire. Good portable scanners will be able to interface directly with your company’s cloud so that you can access the files that you scan whenever you need to.

When shopping for scanners you should try to find ones that are compatible with the specific computer devices and software that your firm uses. Digital filing allows companies to consolidate the hard copies of things like receipts, business cards, and other types of important documents. Look for the best kind of scanners available for your business so that you can scan things effectively. Great portable scanners can be used by any firm that is looking to harness the power of technology to better organize the data that they need to have access to so that they can help their customers as efficiently as possible with all of their requirements.
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