Ipad security

As a business owner, you understand how important the security of your data, your network, and your intellectual property is. Because of the growing presence of mobile computing, this protection has reached a critical point. Approximately 50 percent of all mobile phone users in the United States own a smart phone. In addition, many companies today employ a BYOD, or bring your own device policy. This means that employees can bring their Apple mobile device, or other such device to work and access the company network. Interestingly, a third of the employees using their mobile devices at work say that the company data is not encrypted or secure. In fact, only 9 percent of companies with a BYOD policy have measures in place to wipe secure company data, while leaving personal data in place on that Apple mobile device.

Companies who are concerned about these BYOD issues are using mobile device management. This system provides a cloud based, scalable, secure, and convenient approach to managing BYOD. A proactive BYOD system will require that users lock and password protect mobile devices, including Apply mobile devices. These iphone enterprise management software systems also allows remote locking and wiping of company data should that Apple mobile device gets lost or stolen.

In addition to protecting an Apple mobile device if it is lost or stolen, iphone management and iPad management software will also ensure that these devices are upgraded regularly. These upgrades can include the latest Apple mobile device iOS, as well as virus prevention systems. Having up to date Apple mobile devices on your network will reduce security issues for your network. These iPhone security and iPad security programs use a cloud based platform so these updates can happen safely and consistently. These enterprise management systems will also keep a current list of all devices, including Apple mobile devices that are being used by employees.

Having a system to manage and trace Apple mobile devices will help your IT department effectively manage mobile devices as part of your BYOD policies. Your network and company data will have an extra layer of added security.
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