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As simple as it sounds, communication is one of the most effective means of making any sort of progress. It is often recommended for improving all sorts of relationships, be it a romantic relationship, a family relationship, a friendship, or a work relationship. People must communicate between each other in order to gain understanding of one another, to learn, and to collaborate on ideas that can accomplish shared goals. This is precisely way communication is key to communities. It is no coincidence that the “commun” prefix is shared by both words, meaning that both entail a bonded partnership. Rochester, New York is one such city that prides itself on recognizing the importance of community communication. With the various forums Rochester NY is home to today, citizens of the community can work together towards the progress that they want to see in various aspects of their city.

One of the more recently established Rochester forums is a group called the Snowball Effect. The Snowball Effect is comprised mostly of Rochester residents in their 20s and early 30s who want to work towards building a better sense of community in their neighborhoods. The group holds weekly meetings in various local establishments each week to discuss ideas for upcoming community organizing events. Some past events have included food drives and potluck dinners that are welcome to all that want to attend.

What has likely been the most successful project of the Snowball Effect thus far is the ongoing Little Free Libraries project. This project has seen the installation of numerous mailbox type structures around the city that contain free books that have been donated by community members. The idea is that anyone can either donate books or take them at any given time.

Another one of the more well known forums Rochester NY is home to is the 585 Music Scene. The 585 Music Scene is a forum that takes place mostly on Facebook and is intended to be a place for local musicians to socialize and discuss music happenings in the area. Some bands and collaborations have even been formed via discussions that have taken place in the forum. The forums Rochester NY has are prime examples of just how effective communication can be in a community. Visit here for more information:

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