If it’s plumbing, pipes are often connected to the outside or underground so they have to be put in place correctly so that they can withstand the Rochester surroundings. In this short video you’ll be taught about hose clamps for plumbing problems. Find out whether it is possible to use clamps on PEX pipework for water.

PEX pipes are better indoors, as the video shows. Copper pipes are stronger and more resistant to outdoor weather. However, is it true that PEX pipes suitable to be used with hose clamps made for copper pipes better? The short answer to the query is “no” because of the various things that could fail. Sticking with clamps designed specifically for this use is recommended. This is important to note, that hose clamps, however, are ideal for copper pipes used outdoors. The tools shouldn’t be combined and mixed. 2hs171ioc6.

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