For those new to blogging, consider this a How To guide to get you started on your blogging adventure. Up until 2009, blogs were used mainly by individuals, but now multiple authors can post on a blog about numerous subjects. There are even more than 150 million public blogs in existence today. If you are looking for blogger design help, following these blogging tips and tricks will help get you started with your very own blog, whether you only want yourself contributing to it, or others as well.

1. First and foremost, you need to get yourself a domain. While you can buy domains from many places, there are certain blogging websites that sell domains as well. If you choose one of these, you will be sure to get everything you need to start a blog, as these websites are designed around people who need help with blogging and are looking to start their own blog.

2. Once you have a domain from a blogging service, you should begin setting up your blog. Add a picture of yourself, display your name, and most importantly, adjust the privacy settings. Do you want your blog to be private? Public? Will you allow others to submit their writing to your blog? You can even decide who is allowed to comment on your blogs.

3. Now that all your settings are prepared, it is time to customize your design. Here are some blog design tips. First, choose a template. This will set the general look of your blog. Then, add a header or banner. This allows you to add your blog title and a description of it. Lastly, you can adjust the colors and the font to fully express what you and your blog are all about.

Voila, your blog is now ready for your thoughts to be written down. By following this blogger design help and these basic blog tips, your journey to blogging has just begun. Just remember that, although blogging by yourself can be fun, you can have others contribute to your blog as well, and by doing this you can see an increase in traffic which will gain you more readership.

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