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Did you know that it was not until the 16th century that chairs become popular for everyday use? Before that, benches and stools were more likely to appear in homes; chairs were usually reserved for royal families and other important societal individuals.

Today, the chair is but one component of your overall living room. Now that the economy is picking up again, many people are looking for living room sets for sale to replace their tired and outdated furnishings. Here are three things you should keep in mind while searching for affordable living room furniture.

1. Top Materials to Look For

Couches and chairs can be made using a variety of materials, including linen, cotton, leather, and microfiber. In most cases, leather and microfiber are going to be the materials of choice. Microfiber is more resistant to abrasions, and allows more choices for color coordination. Leather, on the other hand, is classic and lasts far longer than other materials. It is highly stain resistant as well. If you can’t afford all leather, consider a mix and match. Get burgundy microfiber sofas, but leather ottomans.

2. Living Room Area Rugs

Area rugs can be a great asset to your living room area, capable of creating a huge impact without taking up any real space. Synthetic rugs are usually your best bet; although cotton will be more affordable, it will often wear out and stain more quickly. Look for low pile rugs since they gather less dirt, and keep in mind that rugs are intended to be a focal point. Too large and it looks like carpeting; too small and it looks like a lost bath towel. If you’re placing it under a table, make sure the edges extend six feet beyond where a pushed back chair would rest.

3. Living Room Table Sets

Right now, one of the trendiest coffee table styles is rectangular, black tables with a single, thin shelf below. Matching side tables typically have two tiers of shelving. When it comes to finding the right surfaces for your living room, never forget the importance of the side table. Not only does it help unify the room, but it adds important space next to chairs for mugs, books, papers and more. For a more contemporary look, you’re going to want to invest in rounder, heavier tables. They have more visual weight, and will be eyecatching focal points.

What living room sets for sale are you looking out for? Read more.

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