Jail video visitation

Did you know a little less than 1 percent of US adults are incarcerated? In fact, the total number of inmates as of May 2013 was around 218,171. Crazy, right?!

For this reason, prison visits are a common occurrence. Of course, these days, thanks to technology, prisoner visitation rights are sometimes only allowed via a video visitation system.

Actually, video visitation has grown in popularity among prisons because it takes the burden of scheduling and administrating visits between families and inmates, and puts it in the hands of the visitors rather than the prison. This way the guards can focus entirely on monitoring, management and control.

Video visitation systems can be used to create a secure, high quality, two way communication between an inmate and certain privileged people, like attorney, judges and clergy members. This privileged visitation is important because it can be helpful for an attorney who is prepping for a case.

These virtual visitation systems make it easy to conduct, monitor, interact with and terminate any live visit. Sessions can also be recorded and are available for immediate playback.

If you run or work in a prison that does not have one of these systems, it is always good to recommend looking into it. Virtual prisoner visitation rights make it much easier for inmates to connect with the people on the outside who want to talk to them.

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