In order to ensure that the defendant will appear during trial, a bail bond can be used. The courts have a wide range in their discretion when it comes to the bail amount.

Bail bond companies charge 10% for their services. Also, they may charge additional costs. In some states, the amount that can be charged is capped at 8.8%.

A judge generally holds a bail hearing for a person accused of a crime. The bail amount will be at an individual discretion by the court. A court can set bail for an unjust amount or refuse bail depending upon the type of charge.

Bail rates can differ across jurisdictions though judges are generally given the flexibility of setting them. As an example, the bail amount for a non-violent misdemeanor offender might be determined at $500. The bail amount could be at least $20,000 . This is due to the severity of the felony charge.

You have the option of keeping yourself in jail until your case is resolved, or by securing a bail bond. Lastly, courts in certain nations will recognize the right to title to real estate or other asset that can be used as collateral to be used in lieu of money. For more information check out the video. ra8ai6s2tb.

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