ter your surgery. Read on for further details regarding what to expect after cataract surgery.

This isn’t an overnight procedure , nor will you need to be. The procedure takes about 30-minutes. After waiting for 30-40 minutes, you are able to go to your home the next day.

Eyes have gone through lots of stress and require an break. This is why you should expect your doctor to tell you to wear an eye patch overnight. Eye drops, anti-inflammatories as well as antibiotics may be required. These will last about three or four weeks, based the prescribed regimen by your doctor.

Following surgery, there are certain actions you have to be avoiding. At least for a week, it is recommended to avoid lifting weights, doing vigorous exercises that require a lot of force, swimming, or applying eye make up.

Certain activities don’t have to avoid which you can continue to do as usual. It is possible to watch TV, take a break, browse, or walk around.

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