In the beginning, the multi spark ignition system used four spark plugs and the company upgraded it with five.

The five spark plugs burn simultaneously for five milliseconds in order to increase the efficiency of combustion. They generate a spark for engines that lasts longer than 100,000 miles. A Mercedes spark plug improves engines power as well as fuel efficiency. It can also help carry heavy objects.

The ignition system with multi-spark Mercedes includes spark plugs. They boost combustion when you have low loads or you are putting your foot down on the pedal. The system is not intended for boosting the performance for the vehicle. Five spark plugs produce more combustion, energy, as well as flame. Mercedes spark plugs create consistent combustion, which improves the fuel efficiency and efficiency about 5%. It is the Mercedes spark plug increases both mileage and fuel efficiency. These plugs help to improve efficiency, acceleration as well as engine misfiring, and rough idle.


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