To become independent learners as well as life skills including budgeting and time management. The skills they acquire are taught during school through studies, as well as outside of the classroom by extracurricular activities, group experiences, as well as projects. Through these opportunities, children are able to recognize the significance of taking responsibility in every aspect of daily life.
3. Out-of-the Classroom Learning

i. Promoting physical Health and Wellness

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that students who regularly exercise and are more active have higher chances to be healthy and perform better in school. Specialized private schools help children to exercise. They are a great way to improve physical health and overall health.

Private schools typically offer activities or classes focused on health and exercise.

Gym classes and fitness clubs Gymnastics for strength and conditioning and Athletics Teams as well as other recreation activities.

Furthermore, many schools also have gardens or a gardening projects for the community, which provide students with the opportunity learn about nutrition, plant science, as well as how food is produced. It’s a great option for students to boost their health, and also encourage the habit of eating healthy.

ii. Exploring Natural Sciences, and Outdoors

The study of natural sciences and the natural world is vital to the private school curriculum. The pupils can take lessons from nature as well as apply what they’ve learned in class.

Children can be involved in projects in the garden of their school as well as use gardening tools, including compost, water, as well as garden tools to cultivate and


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