ns that your home’s roof needs focus. They should provide you with a report, either verbal or written, following an inspection. This will provide you with the information you need to do.

Make sure to inspect the gutters as well as the flashing during roof inspections. It is an place that is often overlooked. Flashing helps prevent water leakage into the roof from chimneys and other similar structures. Gutters help channel water away from roof and direct it toward the correct location to ensure that water does not pool at the foundation.

Shingles only last a certain amount of time. The average is 25 years however, it could be shorter for some shingles. In the event that it’s time for replacement of the roof, ensure that that the roofing company you choose is able to replace the underlayment, as well as any roof boards damaged. Even though these can add costs to the project, they’re well enough to justify the additional cost because of the additional protection they give your house.

Your Plumbing

Your house must be equipped with the latest and functional plumbing system. If there are any issues with plumbing, they should be dealt with immediately. Plumbing leaks in pipes and faucets may lead to damage to your home which is costly to fix.

If you see any sign of issues with your plumbing, call an experienced plumber to come out for an evaluation. Most plumbers offer plumbing maintenance which will keep the plumbing system in your home at par. Be sure that you have your exterior plumbing fixtures on your home checked. Protect outdoor faucets and pipes during the winter months. It’s an excellent idea, even if this is not feasible, to examine the faucets and the pipes once the temperature has dropped.

When you go through your 1-year home inspection checklist’s plumbing section, be sure to inspect each fixture. Look for signs of leaks or slow drainage. Also, take a look at your water bills for the year just ended to see the if there is an increase in the amount of water used. If the usage is higher, it could suggest a hidden leak must be fixed.

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