The capital and assets of the world’s 10 top banks amount to more than 20 trillion dollars.

While banking can seem complex today The idea behind the concept was to ease things and facilitate trading. It became more complex over time due to the proliferation of currency types. Traders needed to keep changing currencies, making it more difficult for them to create funds. Fraud and counterfeit money made things even worse. This was what led to bank establishment.

There are many types of services offered by banks today such as lending and trading and cash custody. The banks are taking on risk in the short-term in order to earn quick cash, and have abandoned their traditional functions. It’s turning the banking industry into a gambling process, which is leading to a lot of problems. This is why governments are in the process of introducing severe laws to govern how banks conduct business.

There are several businesses today that use business models, such as crowdfunding or micro-funding. They’re replacing traditional banking services offered by banks. he92vuq3lr.

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