It is important for all writers of digital content to get together sometime and perhaps share a cup of coffee or a cocktail to meet bloggers that work with them. A blog meeting should be a standing meeting in all organizations! Blog meetings are important! They provide a sense of normalcy in a very isolated environment that can seem cumbersome to someone who is not used to being alone all the time. In blog meetings we can discuss ideas, and how our partnership and work is coming along. In addition to this, blog meetings are a good time to bring issues to the surface that others may not have known existed among colleagues. This is the good thing about blog meetings, they are a way of opening up a room for discussion and giving a voice to those who may feel lost and as if they do not have a word or a say in anything. When blog meetings take place, they should be an open forum for discussion. Blog meetings should be a positive thing, and if more people up above and in the trenches felt this way as well, we would be in a much better position to see a better team of writers and a company with great potential emerge!

There should be ground rules for blog meetings. For one, there should be one person that is designated to lead the discussions and to moderate questions and answers from the crowds. If we have all of this in place, we can be assured that blog meetings will be productive and will not get out of control because people cannot stop talking over one another. In addition to this, there should be a stronger focus on positive feedback and influence. We need to maintain a sense of compassion for one another and not constantly be putting everyone on the defense. If we focus on being positive, blog meetings will move much more smoothly and will be much better for everyone involved.

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