Essential Blog Help and Advice!

The average yearly salary of a professional blogger is 22,000 dollars per year. While that is nothing your mom will be bragging to her Facebook friends about, it is nothing to scoff at either. The fact is, it is difficult to make a decent living doing any kind of writing, and blogging is no exception. […]

Blogger Meet Ups

One of the newest phenomenons taking place right now are the blog meetings that people from all over are attending. Blog meeting groups are starting up all over the world. It seems that bloggers are getting together to share their enthusiasm for blogging. If you are a blogger yourself, you may want to meet bloggers […]

Networking For Bloggers

The word blog is a shortened version of weblog. Blogging is, basically, online journaling. Different people blog for different reasons. Bloggers have information to share, products to sell and stories to tell. It seems like everyone knows someone who has a blog, but have you ever wondered if all those bloggers know each other? Blog […]

How You Benefit From Attending Blog Meetings

Why are blog meetings becoming so popular today? More importantly, why would anyone encourage you to attend these meetings? To answer the primary question, they are more popular because there are more bloggers than ever blogging about every subject imaginable. To provide an answer to the second question, you should attend these blog meetings because […]

Main Purposes Of Blog Meetings

Writing your blog is pretty important to you, yet writing is just one facet of what you should be doing to spread the word about your blog. Whether you write independently on your own blog or you write blogs for your company or for an outside business, consider blog meetings. They strengthen your blogging ability […]