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According to a recent study, adding a company blog can lead to more than four times as many indexed pages. While there are more SEO tools than ever, blogging remains one of the most affordable and efficient ways for businesses to increase their online visibility. Obviously, the more visible a business is to potential clients, the better chances that business has to grow its customer base.

Although paid advertising can be a highly effective SEO tool, a recent survey showed that the majority of web users overwhelmingly prefer organic content over paid content. The above survey revealed that up to 80 percent of web users do not pay any attention to paid advertisements. Despite that paid ads are usually highlighted at the top of the page, the average person will head straight for the top organic results.

When it comes to organic content, blogs are probably the most effective tools for disseminating organic content. Of course, simply putting up a blog and filling it with content is not enough to attract users to the blog. To create blog templates that will reel in web users, there are a few basic blog tips that all business must follow.

In order to build a company blog that web users will read, the most obvious of the many helpful blogging tips and tricks is to create engaging content. This means offering original and timely content that the typical web user will find compelling. Regardless of the business, creating high quality content is always more important than focusing on cute or flashy blog design tips. Basically, if the content is inane, pedestrian, or nonsensical, nobody’s going to be interested.

This isn’t to say that blog design isn’t important, because design plays a vital role in making any blog user friendly. But the top blog traffic tips always prioritize the information that is on the blog over its aesthetics. After all, it is information and content that web users are after; and thus, the ability to create blog templates that are informative should always be the top priority for company bloggers.

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