Did you know that there are over 180 million active blogs around the world? On the internet, it is truly the age for bloggers. With all this blogging, though, comes the obvious problem of increased competition. Building an audience can be difficult, and many bloggers become frustrated when they create content for others to read, only to find that no one is stopping by. Improving your blog and gaining new followers is not difficult if you follow some basic blog tips. If you need help with blogging, this list is for you.

1. One of the best daily blog tips I ever received was to focus. Your blog will get more traffic if you specialize in writing about one topic, and focus on delivering information and thoughts about that topic to your readers. This does not have to be anything incredibly complicated or difficult, and can still focus on your everyday experience.

For example, say you often write about your office experiences. Instead of titling your blog, An Average Day in My Life, try, What I Heard at the Water Cooler Today. Focus is just a matter of keeping your theme in mind and not deviating too often from what readers expect.

2. People often need help with blogging and building audiences because they do not understand how much formatting can impact reader experience. The demand for blogger design help is big. Blogs are not books, and readers are turned off by huge paragraphs of text. Break everything down into manageable three to four sentence long pieces, and use images, infographics, links or quotes to draw reader eyes down the page and create a bit of visual diversity. Try to cap yourself at around 300 words. If you have more to say, save it for another post!

3. Some blog tips and tricks for people who need help with blogging deal with understanding what people are looking for in content. Staying relevant is important. If you can incorporate current events into your blog, you are likely to see an increase in daily site traffic. You are giving people a reason to check in, because your content is timely in nature.

Keeping with the example of blogging about your workplace experiences, the economy is always in the news. Has this affected your business, or your position? You can write about how 500 people applied for a single position, how layoffs have been frequent, or even about how, surprisingly, your industry has not been hit at all. Either way, it offers a unique viewpoint that combines your focus with real life occurrences.

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