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If you are in the military, moving has probably become a regular part of your life. You may have experienced moves across the country, or even to a foreign country. You have become very efficient in the moving process.

For the rest of us who do not move frequently we can use some of the tips used by the military, including using a military moving checklist, to assist our move. You can also use the military moving checklist, if you are just moving across town.

You can do a quick search for a moving checklist template that will probably cover all the tasks required for a smooth move. This move checklist may include sections for a moving out checklist, and a moving to do checklist. A military moving checklist will certainly include these separate lists.

When using a military moving checklist, you will be guided through the moving process. You will have tips and tasks such as when to contact the movers. You will also have a timeline as to when to have your utilities turned off in your old place, as well as when to turn on the utilities at your new home.

One item that a military moving checklist will have is to make sure you pack a box or two of essentials you will need at your new destination. A military moving checklist will instruct you to pack a box of items such as cleaning supplies, clothing, snacks toiletries and other such essentials. The military moving checklist will tell you to make sure this is the last box loaded onto the truck. This will allow that this box is the first off at your new home. You will than be able to use those items during the move in process.

A military moving checklist or other moving lists are a great way to make sure that you do not forget any details that could throw a roadblock up on the way to a smooth move. When you are ready to move, find that checklist and use it!
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