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When looking for the perfect furniture for your home, it is important that you can envision how the modern living room set, canopy bedroom sets, or kitchen dining set will fit with the complete decor of the room. Perhaps more importantly, how will each room contribute to the overall ambiance of the house. Making the design choices that will result in a cohesive yet chic look to your home is essential.

And though we have myriad style options and and furniture replete with all the most contemporary conveniences, the history of furniture and interior design as a whole is equally as rich. During the Gothic period, from the 1100s until the 1500s, furniture was cumbersome, obtrusive, and most likely uncomfortable. As that era began to wane, furniture designs started to employ the aesthetics of the church and turned to a more ostentatious and decorative approach. The use of cushions to pad a hard wood chair or stool came about in the Medieval period. Found in the homes of people from all classes, these cushions could be found in numerous colors and styles.

Known as bureaus when they first appeared in the late 1600s, desks first featured a writing surface that could be alternately closed and opened. This was called a sloping front desk. The Victorian era saw four desks be made from materials on the HMS Resolute. These included two desks for Queen Victoria herself, as well as what was called a Partners Desk built especially for United States President Rutherford B. Hayes. During the late 1800s in the United States, a push toward industrialization saw the rise of commercial offices, particularly in cities across the north.

Our current day provides us with more interior design possibilities than ever before. It seems as though our furniture, from modern living room sets to pub style dining sets to luxury bedroom sets, are only limited by our imaginations.

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