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Approximately 3 million blogs are created each month, millions of blog comments are made every day, and about 75% of internet users read blogs. Blogs have become as important as anything else on the internet, and are often looked to for product information, valuable tips and hints, and modes of personal expression. Blogging may be easy, but that does not mean that it is always intuitive. If you need help with blogging, these three tips could help you.

Basic Blog Tips

At all costs, avoid the dreaded “wall of text.” If you are writing so much anyway that your blog post takes up the entire screen with one paragraph, try paring it down, or at the very least breaking up the content with images. About 720 characters is the prescribed maximum length for most blog posts, but some topics call for longer exposition than other posts. Consider breaking up your large blog post into several posts, to get more mileage and also make it more accessible to your reader.

Daily Blog Tips

Did you know that about 15% of people who blog will spend 10 hours or more each week? Not everyone has the time to make that kind of a commitment to their blog, but on days that you don’t blog, you probably have a little bit of time while you commute or prepare food to think about your next blog post. Even if you don’t post on a daily basis, you can use those off-days to think about and plan what your next post will be, or what you might do to improve your blog. Also, remember to scan your blog for new comments on a daily basis so that you can respond and grow a community of followers.

Blog Traffic Tips

Blogging at least 20 times in a month can help you generate five times the traffic than if you blogged only once a week. If you think that you are in need of blog promotion, then blog promotion tips include using your personal social media to help. You can also participate in blog communities, and forums specific to your topic. In fact, you can find a lot of help with blogging promotion from online forums and communities, so join to promote, and join to learn.

To find help with blogging you should try to zone in on the particular issue you are experiencing. You may find that you are already effectively using a number of blog tips, but every now and then you will also stumble across some great insight into how to promote a blog or improve your content. Remember that the internet, with its great dependence on blogs, also has a lot of great information that you can use to make your own blog better.

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