How much does new carpet cost

Choosing the right flooring in your home or apartment is key to sustaining comfort. You’ll be walking around barefoot, cleaning up after yourself and lying on the floor from time to time, so it pays to have the right option at your feet. It all comes down to a simple choice, really: linoleum, carpeting or hardwood floor instalation?

The case for linoleum

The term “linoleum” actually derives from the Latin names of two of its primary components: flax (“linum”) and oil (“oleum”). In addition to those two ingredients, linoleum is essentially a concoction of pine rosin, ground cork dust, wood flour and other minerals. Because of its durability and flexibility, linoleum is a popular choice to outfit entire buildings where the use of more rigid materials like ceramic tile would cause them to crack.

Depending on your installation needs, linoleum can end up being fairly economical — around $4 per square foot. Of course, the higher grade the product, the higher the cost. What you don’t get with linoleum, however, is the sleek, warm look you can get with an entire hardwood flooring unit.

The case for hardwood

Opting for hardwood floor instalation is a bit pricier, sometimes reaching up to $10 per square foot. But you typically get what you pay for. Hardwood flooring can greatly increase the value of a home or apartment because of how high-end it can make the domicile appear.

Another important piece of wood flooring information is how it can benefit those with allergies and sensitivities to dust and pet dander. Since it doesn’t have deep grooves or tiny bristles, everything that a hardwood floor picks up stays right on the surface, making it easy to clean with a broom and mop. That includes messy spills and stains. Plus, wood is a sustainable, renewable resource that can also be reclaimed and refinished at a great deal, though it might not be the warmest option in the winter.

The case for carpeting

Folks like new carpeting because of how it stays warmer in the winter and is softer all year round. Carpet installing is easier and cheaper than placing new hardwood floors, only about $4 or $5 per square foot. Plus, you get quite a bit more variety when it comes to new carpet styles: woven, needlefelted, knotted, tufted, flatweave and beyond.

Wood-blended carpets have been considered great options because of how easily they can be dyed to maximize your unique home design options. Additionally, carpets tend to be more durable, though they do tend to soak in stains, which can lead to long-term problems under the surface. It’s all about weighing the pros against the cons.

Like anything, deciding on hardwood floor instalation, carpeting or linoleum takes plenty of research and questioning. Which will look the best in your home? Which will be most practical? These are questions only you will know the answers to once you probe into them. Happy hunting, and remember: Flooring should be fun! More on this.

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