The word blog is a shortened version of weblog. Blogging is, basically, online journaling. Different people blog for different reasons. Bloggers have information to share, products to sell and stories to tell. It seems like everyone knows someone who has a blog, but have you ever wondered if all those bloggers know each other?

Blog meetings are becoming popular. There are many good reasons for bloggers to meet bloggers. Just like the conventions in other professions, blogging has events for bloggers to get together and share ideas and information. Attendees of a blog meeting have the benefit of being able to ask each other questions, and can learn a lot from each other.

New trends in writing and technology are often hot topics at blog meetings. The blog meetings are also a great place to network, and to make connections. There are marketing and promoting people there who can give you tips on how to draw more readers to your blog. Also, promoters are there looking for blogs to promote. If one of them likes your blog, it could bring you a lot of new readers very quickly.

Blog meetings and events are held in various locations, but are also often held online. It makes sense that the use of modern technology that has brought blogs so much popularity in the first place is also used for blog meetings. Many people use webcams to “attend” blog meetings from home.

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