Upholstery cleaning nyc

Carpeting your home or office can brighten it up, add color, reduce noise, and make the ground softer to walk on. Covering a bare floor often adds to the decor. However, keeping a carpet clean can be challenging.

In large cities, the upkeep comes with added challenges. Manhattan rug cleaning services are popular due to the difficulties of renting equipment and getting it through the crowded streets (or, even worse, the subways) yourself. The majority of New York City residents do not own a car.

Renting a carpet steamer is difficult and impractical. This is not limited to Manhattan rug cleaning, but is also true in the other burroughs. Carpet cleaning in queens ny, Brooklyn rug cleaning, or Staten island carpet cleaning are also likely to be done by a professional.

There are at least a dozen providers of professionals to choose from for rug cleaning Brooklyn NY alone. People unfamiliar with the burroughs may not realize the vast population outside Manhattan. For local rug cleaners Brooklyn, with its over 2 million residents, has more then enough work to go around.

While many of them rely of public transit, the residents of the outer burroughs are more likely to have their own vehicles, and to rent their own cleaning equipment. In Manhattan rug cleaning is almost always done by professionals.

The carpet industry boomed in the 1940’s, with sales of nearly 90 million square yards in just 1948 alone. Keeping carpeting clean is important. As many as 2,000 dust mites can survive on just a single ounce of carpet dust.

Well, what about the five second rule? The fact is that bacteria can live as long as four weeks on carpet, and the “rule” is a myth. Wall to wall carpeting is more difficult to keep clean, particularly around the edges and corners. Liquids, crumbs, and chemicals spilled on carpets can lead to mold or bacteria. It is recommended that carpets be professionally cleaned once every 12 to 18 months.

So whether you do it yourself or call an expert, make sure that your carpets are clean. If you live in New York, hiring a professional is worth the expense. Do not attempt Manhattan rug cleaning on your own.

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