Jackson hole real estate market

When people think of popular places to do business, they do not always think of Wyoming. Yet Wyoming is actually an ideal state for businesses, and many companies are realizing this and relocating. Why is Wyoming such a draw to companies looking to lower their cost of doing business? The answer lies in the state taxes, of which there are no corporate or personal income tax. There are several especially popular cities, and one of them is Jackson Hole, which is home to two of the wealthiest people in the US, according to the Forbes list of 400 wealthy Americans.

Jackson Hole also has a world famous ski resort, which is part of the draw and reason it is one of the larger cities in the state. For people interested in Jackson hole real estate for sale and Moose WY real estate, there are several things you should keep in mind.

First, consider the benefits of buying land and building, versus the benefits of buying an existing home. Depending on your needs, it can go either way. If you plan to be in Jackson hole for a long time, there are definitely advantages to crafting your own home, since you can design it to the needs of your family. On the other hand, prices for existing homes right now are relatively low owing to the dip in the economy, yet value is likely to rise in the near future.

Second, consider which location is best for you. This will vary due to a number of factors including commute time, school systems, and personal preference. Moose WY real estate is the choice of many. If you are not familiar with Moose Wyoming real estate, it is located in the Jackson Hole Valley. There are beautiful views of the mountain as well as a community of shops and restaurants. Although Moose WY real estate is not for everyone, you might indeed find your home there.

Third, when searching for Jackson Hole homes for sale or Moose WY real estate, look for a responsible realtor. Jackson Hole realtors should be experienced, licensed, and working full time. You want someone who will be familiar with local property trends, as well as who will be experienced enough to give you estimates of future value. Someone with experience is more likely to get you a better deal on the end price.
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