Te cereal swapped for the cereal made of wheat, Frosted Flake cereal , swap shredded whole grain cereal. Croissant Cereal bars are a swap — for porridge such as oatmeal Cereal bars, yogurt , or muesli made with peanuts, seeds or chopped nuts

Snacks, lunch and swaps

Cereal and cake bars swap – for low-sugar jelly Chocolates and muffins for fruit loaf or malt loaf Fizzy beverages and juices of fruit and water with berries or other fruits Potato crisps to plain rice cakes or popped corn soup – swap – for fresh-made soup that is made from all-natural chicken and vegetables stock

Swaps for dinner

Ketchup can be swapped to mustard. Soy sauce and salt are also a possibility to swap for fresh herbs or spices. Brown sauce powdered can be substituted.

Desserts and drinks

There is a possibility of swapping biscuits with malt loaf and fresh fruit cakes or chocolate. Flavored milk is swapped for regular milk. Sweetened juice is swapped for 100% juice. Sweetened yogurt can be swapped to full-fat low-fat or low-fat yogurt (also Greek Yogurt).

Choose Nutritious Pasta

Pasta can be classified under the umbrella of bad carbs or basic carbs because the body processes the food faster. Insulin is produced by your body in order to convert sugar into glucose to provide energy. However, because the carbohydrates break up so easily, the processes spike the blood sugar levels.

There is a possibility that you feel full and full after having a noodle dish, only to feel thirsty and fatigued later. The switch to regular pasta for nutritious ones like chickpea, lentils or spinach can be a good choice.

Replace regular wraps with fiber-rich wraps and nutritious wraps

Just the way you are


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