This company started a mobile lab that offers the anti-viral test to identify whether the virus has been affected in the past, and COVID testing to see whether the infection currently there. It is easy to download the app and drive to their lab. Two methods for COVID-19 test stimulation have been developed by them. The test of antibodies is based on the finger prick. The COVID test requires taking a saliva sample. The test costs between $75 and $135. Results will be delivered directly to the customer’s cell phone. FDA approval was granted to the mobile lab’s procedure.

This portable lab was designed by a corporation and they plan to create thousands more. It plans to expand its production within the United States, as well in other nations. The labs are also portable and could be used to relocate hotspots throughout the nation. Once the flu pandemic is gone, the researchers plan to employ it for the purpose of testing for influenza, as well as other common ailments as well. w1bcu8z3vy.

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