Create a safe place that allows people to communicate freely, and also to express their frustrations. Being there for someone is seeking out practical strategies to aid the person with their everyday activities, both healthy and unhealthy.

Every word or action spoken by your mouth gives people in your immediate surroundings a brand new piece of information about how you’re friendly and reliable. If you’re critical about another person, it shows your willingness to be judgmental of that person’s problems which could lead them to decide to not share information to you.

Every day interactions with other people, proving that you care about others and are trustworthy by being welcoming, supportive, helpful, and being a great listener will send the message that others can feel secure approaching you with questions or concerns.

Additionally, it gives you confidence in yourself, which is the most important aspect to a balanced and positive living style. Make sure you show your love for neighbors through distributing food baskets or telling them that you’re here to help.

A different way to demonstrate that you value someone’s feelings is with a short hug, holding their hands or placing your shoulder on theirs whenever they’re down and require a shoulder to lean to. It is also possible to suggest doing something useful for the person, including cooking them food, driving them somewhere as well as running their errands for you.

Set aside your mobile while you are hanging out with your buddies, maintain eyes contact, and be patient when talking with them. Give them the right amount of time for them to know you’re their first priority.

Also, don’t be afraid to try new daily activities that are healthy or unhealthy to bring more enjoyment and value to your life. Also, new experiences such as exercise, food, self-care, or compassion for other people, will aid connect you with others in your life and lead to interesting conversations.


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