Unique wedding gifts

Engraved stones can be gifted to somebody and bring some happiness to their day. Whether you would like to engrave anniversary stones, dog memorial stones or create a trophy stone, custom engraved stones are sure to be the type of quirky gifts that the recipient keeps for the rest of their life. Garden art ideas that include the use of these stones will be very popular among newlyweds.

Personalized engraved stones will last the recipient for the rest of their life, as rocks are impervious to the elements. The first known engraving was a stick figure with a large phallus, found carved in rock discovered in the Americas. Today, engravings are a little more subtle than that. Unique wedding gifts that have words engraved in them are more practical than stick figures, for example. These stones can be purely decorative, though they may also work as an excellent paper weight on your desk or as a door stopper.

If you would like to purchase engraved stones, then find a supplier of these excellent gifts that will help you create a stone with a personal message or other engraved marking that is meaningful to the recipient. Delivery of one of these rocks can get expensive, so you may want to find a local supplier of engraving services that you bring a stone or rock to, then pay to have the professional etch a message into before you give the gift to home it is intended.

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