Things to do in rochester

The biggest hurdle and greatest excitement of moving to a new city is often finding things to do in it. The same goes for Rochester. Finding things to do in Rochester, New York’s Flower city, can leave an inexperienced new comer wonder where all the fun has gone. However, to that same newcomers relier events in Rochester NY are very easily found. Not only this, but Rochester music, food, art, theater and even neighborhood bar scenes are some of the greatest in upstate New York and the surrounding areas.

Here are just a few notes on Rochester events to get your search started.

Rochester NY events include the Lilac Festival, the Park Ave Fest and the Ten Ugly Men Festival, and those are just the beginnings of what the flower city has to offer.

One of the greatest aspects of Rochester is its division of neighborhoods. Each of the festivals listed above is held in a different Rochester neighborhood. As a result these festivals all have their own very unique feels to them. The Lilac Festival, arguably Rochester’s largest festival, is held in the beautiful highland park. This awesome venue has miles of walking space that is turned into a giant festival of food, music and fun for all. The Park Ave fest, hosted by some of the more art centric neighborhoods in Rochester is exactly that. The Park Avenue festival hosts dozens of artist and musicians to display and sell their work under the gentle fog a excellent culinary aromas. The Ten Ugly Men Festival is for the let it all hang out type. This festival caters to those who love big bands and even bigger drinks. A hillside slip and slide and annual volleyball tournament are just the beginning of the fun.

While these aspects of Rochester all sound great they are trumped weekend after weekend by the neighborhoods themselves, which offer genuine takes on how to have a uniquely great time.

One admitted draw back of Rochester is that it is no New York City. So what does this education and technologies driven city have to offer? The somewhat quaint, entirely homey and significantly artsy western NY city is pretty far from the big apple, and not just geographically. If you are from a larger city and wonder what Rochester events might be available to you, then looking for Rochester events is a perfectly reasonable use of your time. Begin referring to the flower city as, “my Rochester,” take your learning experiences to the streets and get into some fun and excitement in a neighborhood near you.

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