Ariat riding boots

Whether you are a new equestrian or someone who has been working at the sport for years, you know that along with the proper knowledge and skills, it is imperative that you have the right horseback riding gear. Whether you’re talking about saddlery equipment or horse show attire, it’s all about safety and comfort, for horse and rider alike. Otherwise, the activity of horse riding can be way too risky, potentially resulting in injuries for you the rider and the horse as well.

When selecting horseback riding apparel, one of the first things you should think about is a durable riding helmet, especially if you are a newcomer. Preventing head injuries needs to be a top priority, period.

Whether you choose Ariat horse riding boots or Paddock boots, you’ll want to stick to footwear that has a low tread. Additionally, if you are entering a horse show, it is critical to note that the right show clothing is required. If you happen to live in a climate that gets particularly cold in the wintertime, you’ll definitely want to get winter horse blankets to make sure your horse is comfortable.

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  1. What should I be looking for when choosing a supplier for horseback riding equipment? I’m just starting to ride, so any suggestions would very helpful.

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