They usually finish with a drainage point. Typically, an uphill area where gravity can help move your water from your property.

It could be through a sewer or infiltration basin. The water will soak into the soil and return back to groundwater. In the event of rain and the water is dripping, it will have no other choice than to make its way toward your home’s foundation. If there’s no location to channel the water away, it can build up within your foundation and cause damage.

French drains can be used to redirect the excess water away from your house and into the drainage area. French drains are able to be used for surface runoff management or sub-slab waterproofing so it is covered with a filter fabric and perforated pipe is installed to allow it to be able to drain away out of the area that is wetter into a dry zone. French drains are also useful in protecting structures from water pooling and excess. p2jccb5ohe.

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