There are numerous kinds of caulking and spray foams. Repairing a bathtub is a frequent reason for people to use caulk. This can be a simple project that only requires minimal tools. Check that the bathtub is constructed of porcelain and not fiberglass, before you begin using knives. Other tools are available, such as the pick, which can get behind the caulking. Once you get the old caulking off it is possible make use of alcohol to wash the surface. Use a tiny tube of caulking. You have many options. There are both silicone-based options and fiberglass. Also, you could consider a caulking gun or, if necessary, squeeze directly through the tube. There is a need to over the crack and then apply an even squeeze. Do not stop and start. If you want to spread it evenly, use your fingers or a rag to distribute it evenly. If you are interested in learning more continue watching this video for further information. p8o5zb7co3.

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