There are a lot of interesting articles out there on the wonderful place we call the World Wide Web. Covering everything from sports, science, grumpy cats, red tinted mirrors, and everything in between; the amount of online info out there can be overwhelming to the point you begin to ask, ‘Is this true?’ The good news for the skeptics is that there are online news sources out there to confirm and disprove quite a few things out there. It is mostly the case nowadays, thanks to RSS feeds form major online news sources, that people are using more accurate information sources to promote and broadcast information their peers and website readers. A lot of online blogs use RSS to report and share articles, videos, pictures, and links with their readers in order to expand the reach of certain information that, ultimately, is considered online news.

Social network sites now have the capability to ‘share’ all types of things, especially online news links and stories, that their entire friends list can see and even the public. This is a huge asset for online news resources because their name gets out there, people read the information, and, if they find it to be important or interesting or just something fun, the next person can share. This creates a limitless reach for online news and internet news links. The Internet is creating a network of well informed, educated, and aware people who are getting more information than they ever have before. Take some time to check out online news, scope out what you find, and share whatever you want with friends and family, coworkers and neighbors, bitter enemies and beautiful women because, after all, that’s what everyone is doing anymore.

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  1. RSS is a great tool. I use it on my website for sports articles and, dang, it really brings in some great traffic and sparks some interesting discussions

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