There will come a time when you require a new windshield. The windshield protects everyone against road debris however, they can sustain damages in the course of. Sometime, tiny rock chips could turn into large cracks that can be difficult to repair. If this happens it is necessary to replace your whole windshield. It’s not too difficult to locate a glass repair service that can repair or replace your windshield. However, if you want to go to the DIY route, that’s possible too.

Whatever vehicle you’re driving, replacing the windshield can be done easily. This video demonstrates how you can repair windshields in your own home. The process doesn’t require special tools. However, the project should be done by a person experienced in the field of the vehicle they own. If you’re a novice at car repair, you likely want to contact a mobile repair of auto glass.

Chris shows how to take out cracked windows using ordinary tools. In addition to the replacement of the windshield it self, adhesive is the only thing that he needs. Watch the complete video to find out what he did to complete the job.

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