rass in your yard, it’s beneficial to know what to do when the plant begins to die. It’s not difficult, but it is important to ensure you’ve done it properly. Let’s look at how to help save grass.

Cut the grass before you mow it so that it can be saved. This removes the upper layer of grass. This makes it simpler to access the root and save it. Following the mow, you want to rake all the dead grass which is lying on the surface. So that the next step is easier, get rid of all the dead grass.

When the grass is cut and cleaned after which it is ready to be treated to aeration. This is the process of making holes in your lawn. This allows the grass to obtain the nutrients that it needs quickly as it can.

It is recommended to spray soil conditioners over the lawn for the final step. The conditioners will give the grass the nutrients needed to develop.


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