Legal students at Peals constantly search for statistics and legal cases. It isn’t easy at first to find trustworthy sources within the massive library of court decisions from the years in the past. It’s possible to locate exactly the case that you want to reference in the legal school documents or study if you’ve got the appropriate strategy and the tools. Researching on legal issues becomes more easy with practice, and this video will provide many suggestions on how to do reliable legal research for all writing needs for your papers.

Quicklaw is a fantastic piece of hardware to start the research process, particularly for those who have little expertise in the field the subject you’re tasked to study. Students should begin with other resources. This will allow you in linking back to your original sources for your final project. Quicklaw can be used to search courts by country or area of jurisdiction and also by types. After you have found additional sources, search for the case references through the keyword “vs.” within the document. Then, you’ll have the ability to track the source back to cases that could add significance to the paper you’re writing.


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