Procedures can be paired with pain management methods to ensure the patients do not experience the pain of root canal treatments. The primary reason that the general dentist will refer a patient to an endodontist within their practice is to treat the inside teeth. Orthodontic services: Orthodontics help align the jaw and teeth. An unaligned set of teeth could cause issues in their capacity to fulfill their purpose. The same is true with teeth that are not properly aligned; it could be challenging to a patient who suffers from misalignment of their jaw to chew, or even bite correctly. An orthodontic specialist can help to treat your problem if it is severe. The most common orthodontic services carried out on jaw and teeth are braces, palate expanders, headgear, retainers and fixed space maintainers and other solutions to assist in aligning the teeth and the jaw. Geriatric Dentistry, as the name implies is designed to provide treatment for patients who are elderly. Dental conditions are more frequent with the older patients as opposed to younger patients. To deal with the various issues with aging, patients require regular medical attention for geriatrics.

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