l spoil if shipped without care, such as foodstuffs or frozen products. The rental of a reefer trailer could be right for you. Refrigerated trailers, or also called reefer trailers are secure and reliable methods to carry goods within the controlled atmosphere.

By having a control panel along with a refrigeration unit at the front, a refrigerated trailer can keep its contents at a constant temperature throughout transport. The driver’s side will have the fuel port for filling as well as an gauge. For accurate readings, the fuel gauge must be monitored regularly.

Two types of modes are standard for reefers. Continuous mode is most likely be the most suitable option when it comes to frozen products or fragile goods like food items. Cycle mode turns the cooling system on or off according to a temp set by the user. While every trailer may be different however, most should come with control panels that allow for modifications in order to ensure the safety of transportation of cargo. g3h1w5fnlf.

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