It’s difficult to tell what will happen in the baseball stadium. Many of the best sports podcasts were talking about recent events within Philadelphia. It was looking like a complete blowout as the Mets faced the Phillies. The Phillies were ahead seven to one in the top of ninth. Three Mets outs remained. Watch the next play in the video below.

The innings starts by hitting an Marte infield strike that he uses his speed to beat out. The hit in the infield that is not as common it seems, is immediately followed by Lindor’s blast. The fans of New York know something is up. They’re up and in celebration despite being still down seven to three. The momentum wouldn’t end there. The Mets continue to get several more big hits and baserunners with a standout double from the Polar Bear. The Phillies immediately swapped out their pitchers before putting their closer, Corey Knebel, into the game to shut the door. He really only opened the door and shouted “come on in!” It rains in Philly. While they scored tie-breaking and run-ahead in the runs in the run ahead, the Mets kept raking. The Phillies bullpen remains the same. The Mets were able to win eight to seven.


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