Dity move brief online

A military dity move is when a military member volunteers to move his own belongings when relocating and is reimbursed by the government for any expenses that the member may have paid for while moving. However dity moves do not normally recommend overseas relocation. The military dity move program is extremely popular for members to take advantage of when they do not wish to have movers move their belongings for them.

Military moving allows military members to move their own belongings by either using their own vehicle, a borrowed vehicle or a rental vehicle. The government then reimburses the full dity move, including travel expenses, per diem and mileage. On top of covering expenses, the government will give 25,000 dollars for insurance coverage.

Another perk of a military dity move is that the military member is able to have more time to handle their move than the government would give if they were handling the move. The government is also generous with giving enough time after the member completes their military dity move to submit a claim for the reimbursement. The government will give up to 45 days to submit the claim. The dity move is a very popular military program, every year there is about 225,000 Department of Defense and US Coast Guard home items that are moved during the summer months.

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